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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does "expeller pressed" mean?

Hollywood oils are expeller pressed, which means they are not solvent extracted therefore there is no use of hexane solvent and minimal temperatures are involved in the extraction process. (Between 140° and 160°F.) This is from friction in expressing the oil.

How long after the expiration date is the oil good?

We suggest that they are used by the expiration date.

What are the "smoke points" for the canola oil?

Approximately 475°F or 240°C.

Do you manufacture Hollywood Safflower Oil that is Kosher For Passover?

Yes, we manufacture Kosher for Passover Hollywood Safflower Oil once yearly each Spring for Passover Holiday use.

Can you explain why there are 250 mg of sodium per 12 serving in your Hollywood Carrot Juice while the ingredient panel does not list salt or sodium chloride?

Our Hollywood Carrot Juice contains naturally occurring sodium based on the environmental gowing conditions of our carrots;i.e., climate and soil.

Is your Hollywood Carrot Juice Kosher Parve?

Yes. As of March, 2003, this product is certified Kosher Parve.

How is your Hollywood Carrot Juice processed?

Our carrots are visually inspected for defects, washed and scrubbed, and then peeled, juiced, and retorted (pasteurized).


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